Siaya County

Contract farming

Under a 60 acre piece of land, sunken limited is undertaking an agricultural project by introducing modern irrigation methods in its horticultural production of Onions, Tomatoes, Garlic and Chili. Before sunken limited, the area of Sirongo (Central Sakwa-Bondo Constituency) has been known for gold mining and fish cage farming. Today we have integrated the small scale farmers in the region in our project and introduced the smart farming methods to the small scale farmers in the area. Sunken limited produces the horticulture for our client Twiga foods ltd.
Kakuma - Turkana
Clean cooking in kakuma
In Turkana County, Kakuma, Sunken limited has partnered with AECF through the Kakuma Kalobeyei challenge fund for the clean cooking in Kakuma project. The projects objective is to introduce the clean cooking methods to both the host and refugees as before they have been using the open fires as a cooking method. we train the host and the refugees equipping them with livelihood skills and absorbing some of them as part of our Production team at our stove production plant.
Our partners
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