Farming in your balcony!!

The Irrigation Kit is a simple gravity drip irrigation system designed for small gardens using ordinary buckets (bucket & stand not included). When the bucket is raised 3.3′ (1 meter) from the ground, sufficient pressure is generated to force the water from the bucket through the irrigation tape on the ground. A simple connection is made from the bottom of the bucket then tubes are connected to the drip tape. Super Bucket Kit: 35 gallons – 10 rows – 33′ long each

Jain mini drip kit


This simple technology is ideal for urban residence who would like to grow their own food and cut cost on the ever rising  food price.

The mini kit can be tailormade depending on the number of buckets the user would like to use and in this case, water is pumped from the reservoir to the buckets using simple gravity.

Try it today and say good bye to Mama Mboga.

Mini kit illustration